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Dr. George Gavrila, M.D.

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Dr. George Gavrila, M.D.

Dr. George Gavrila is a board eligible licensed physician who is an integral part of the Gilman & Bedigian legal team. Dr. Gavrila has extensive medical knowledge and medical training which allows him to analyze clients’ cases and identify acts of medical malpractice. Gilman & Bedigian better serves victims of medical malpractice by having the insight of a licensed doctor as part of their malpractice team, and is one of the very few firms that does so.

Dr. Gavrila will review your medical malpractice matter, along with Charles Gilman and H. Briggs Bedigian, to determine if a medical professional violated the standard of care owed to you. Dr. Gavrila’s extensive knowledge and experience, along with the fact that he speaks your doctor’s language, will allow him to dig further into your medical history to determine if the medical professional’s violation of the standard of care caused your injury.


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